Treat Yourself to a Little Everyday Luxury With the Tocca Love Yourself Luxury Spa Set

  Treat yourself to Tocca No shower for me today (and possibly tomorrow) because of the sutures on my boo-boo arm. This makes me sad. 🙁 You don’t understand — it’s like Anakin Skywalker with the Force. The drive to clean is strong in this one… Doesn’t matter how tired I am at the endRead More

Sonia Kashuk’s Yellow Alluriana Body Lotion Is Putting a Spring in My Step and Grapefruit on My Mind

  Oh, winter… You saucy minx. For a while there, you had me under your spell. You lured me in with those crisp December mornings and snuggle sessions with El Hub, me and Tabs on the couch, then kept me close with those cozy holiday evenings at home in front of the crackling yule logRead More

How Your Hormones Affect Your Skin Before, During and After Your Period

If you’re like most people, your skin probably has good days and not-so-good ones—but why? Sure, factors like stress, the foods you eat and the products in your regimen all make a difference. But your hormones also play a major role. No one knows this better than board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist Rebecca Booth, M.D. AnRead More