Reframe the Meeting Between Man and Space

AVPD is a Danish artist group of two artists challenging our sense and perception of space and movement. With a creative and interdisciplinary approach to art, architecture, space design and humanities, they have their main focus on the perceptual relation between man and space.

They define their spatial works as meta-architecture, where the normal perception of the spectator is challenged and displaced, where new experiences of space is made possible. They try to rethink the triangular constellation of the subject, the object and the context.

Their latest exhibition, Shift, is an installation work consisting of four semi-transparent curtains that move in the room exhibited in Odense, Denmark. Each curtain is 15 meters long and 5 meters tall, hung on four motorized rails. Creating passages without beginning and without end, it transforms the room into a space that is constantly adapting. Here the viewer experience the motion of the curtains as formless and opaque. The duplication and overlap of the layers enhances the colours of the curtains and reduces the transparency. In their movement the curtains form temporary passages in the room, continuously being created and erased, they reframe the meeting between man and space. The work conveys an afterthought about how our bodies sense and read a room.


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