Sonia Kashuk’s Yellow Alluriana Body Lotion Is Putting a Spring in My Step and Grapefruit on My Mind


Oh, winter…

You saucy minx.

For a while there, you had me under your spell. You lured me in with those crisp December mornings and snuggle sessions with El Hub, me and Tabs on the couch, then kept me close with those cozy holiday evenings at home in front of the crackling yule log channel on TV.

Now though…? Now you’re just so damned cold, and I’m totally over you.

Spring can’t get here soon enough. I’ve even been trying to accelerate the process, primarily through the strategic use of bath and body products, particularly grapefruit scents, because, I don’t know why, but they just seem springy and fresh to me — like Sonia Kashuk’s grapefruit-scented Yellow Alluriana Body Lotion (has notes of grapefruit, lemon verbena and musk).

“An all-day moisture-replenishing wonder that helps restore skin’s suppleness, elasticity and tone with regenerative botanical oils and shea butter. Absorbs easily, leaving skin soft and smooth.”

The fragrant, springy formula and mega moisturizing mojo temporarily erase my memories of winter and make me forget that I’m actually typing this sentence while wearing a down jacket, scarf and two pairs of socks.

Thankfully, Yellow Alluriana is available now for $8.99 exclusively at Target stores and

Random fun fact: “pamplemousse,” which is the word grapefruit in French, is my favorite word en Français!

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